Dr Erik Levy

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1 (800) 361-1153

Hi I’m Dr Erik Levy and I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist. I have been practicing since 1993. While I am trained in various counseling techniques my passion lies in completing psychological evaluations.

I have been performing VA Compensation and Pension interviews for over ten years. I am certified to provide Mental Health C&P Evaluations though QTC, LHI and VES. I have been trained and certified to provide Compensation and Pension Evaluations (QTC, LHI, VES since the VAMC started contracting with private companies. While I do not have an exact number, I have performed well over 1000 C&P Evaluations in the past years and consider my training and experience more than adequate to provide a competent C&P examination. I have also been providing IME’s for veteran’s through various Law Firms for at least five years and have completed well over 300 IME’s.

My writing style is clear and concise, and I am extremely knowledgeable regarding the specific language required by the VA as well as how to refute prior C&P exams that may have been deficient in one or more areas. My turn around time for completing IME’s is rapid and I am very responsive to deadlines. I look forward to working with you!

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